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Male grooming for all

Let’s talk ‘male grooming’ ~ it’s the gentle exfoliation of the skin, a light moisturiser applied with a medium-firm fingertip massage, a pore refining primer, touches of concealer under the eyes and around the nose, delicate placement of powder or a matte gel, curled lashes complimented by groomed brows and that all important lip balm.

Sounds like the perfect barely there makeup right? And it is! Simple tips and products to create a flawless finish on the skin is something we can all wear, day in day out.

It sarts with the prep and how we manage our skin daily. There’s no point trying to create a beautiful makeup look if you’ve totally neglected your skin and don’t have a clean base. Basically ‘male grooming’ is the perfect complimentary skincare and makeup routine that we all need.

Literally one of our favourite ever products. After suffering for over 10 years with acne, and 2 rounds of Roactutane, this wash has significantly helped our Founder, Carla with her fight against acne.

Use this all over the face, including the eye area, with guaranteed zero irritation or residue left on the skin. Free of soap and alcohol this is suitable for all and should be in everyone’s bathroom cabinets.

A rice-based powder, this exfoliant activates on wet palms for a gentle, daily exfoliant. It gives skin a brighter, smoother appearance, without any harsh particles and doesn’t leave skin red once you’re done.

A lightweight oil free gel cream this has a gentle cooling effect on the skin for a great morning pick me up. It keeps shine at bay and doesn’t leave any residue on the skin.

Literally not sure what we used before this gem arrived in our lives!!! For the silkiest of skin, apply with a brush and either use this all over, or through the t-zone. This will give skin such a smooth appearance you'll feel like you won’t even need foundation, trust us, it’s that good.

It’s creamy, but it’s not radiant. What it is though, is a seamlessly easy to blend concealer with a great shade range. Apply with the wand and press in with your fingertips, or use a brush for a more polished look. Never fails us, never looks dry on the skin and is great to keep on you throughout the day for small touch ups.

Does what it says on the tin. Use with a small brush and press and roll on the skin to avoid powder flicking all over the face. We have a habit of wanting to powder everywhere with a large brush, but this is a big no no - keep the skins natural glow and sheen and only powder where you need it, don’t forget the sides of the nose too.

Works like magic, no lie. The smallest amount goes very far. Use this instead of a powder to avoid a matte overload.

Iconic, classic, a staple in everyone’s makeup bag.

This little gem just proves that sometimes you need need to drop a ton of money for the best beauty buys. Retailing at approx £2, we would not be without this in our kits! It’s not sold as a brow product but it works so so great brushed through the brows, without giving the effect of just being in a wind tunnel (please ladies can we stop with this trend?) It doesn't dry crunchy, sticky or anything like a lot of brow gels do, but magically still holds brows in perfect place. We couldn’t rate this product anymore if we tried.

Use these as the ultimate lip prep. Designed for the face, although honestly, we think they are too harsh for that. Apply a small amount of balm on the lips first and use your finger in the wipe to gently scrub from side to side. You’ll be amazed at how much smoother and softer your lips will feel.

A barely there ultra nourishing balm that protects your lips and doesn’t dry them out (you read right, we see you Carmex) Apply generously overnight for the softest morning lips without any unwanted shine.


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