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There is just that 'something' about the 70's disco era that we at CESCA are always so drawn to. The decadent, glossy lifestyle that wished we lived in - the hair that we've always dreamed of.

It's fun to take snippets of these looks, and create something more streamlined, more polished, and more luxe, although how could anything beat the opulence of Studio 54?!

We created this look for our clients birthday, and wanted to incorporate all the best parts of the 70's disco era.

To start, skin should always be bronzed and sun-kissed, perhaps even add a few faux freckles with an eyebrow pen. (Anastasia Beverly Hills do a good selection)

Then the magic happens... MAC Glitter Reflex in Gold - its been around for a long time, new products have come and gone but nothing beats this for a touch of special sparkle. A fine dusting of this all over the eyelid and a touch on the cheek bones gives us all we could ever wish for to live our best DISCO lives,

Next up, individually placed stars. We used the Gold Zorya from Its In Your Dreams and gently placed the stars over the reflects using tweezers to pick up and place. Use a touch of Duo Lash Glue to make sure these last the night.

Finish off with lashings of lip gloss, any colour can go with a look like this, just don't forget a hair flick upon entering the club !


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